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Deutz Seat Assembly --

UDZ8100   Seat Assembly

UDZ8100 Seat Assembly

Fits: D10006, D13006, D3006, D4006, D4506, D4507, D5206, D5207, D5506, D6006, D6206, D6207, D6507, D6806, D7006, D7007, D7206, D7807 and D8006; Deutz-Fahr DX 3.30 VC, DX 3.50 VC, DX 3.70 VC and DX 3.90 VC

Seat has a mechanical suspension with hydraulic shock absorber. The suspension comprises tension springs with an oil-hydraulic shock absorber. Features: adjustable angle base, fore and aft slide adjustment of 6" in 1/2" increments, suspension stroke of 4", linear weight adjustment from 100-265 lbs, width of 18 1/2"

Arm Rest Kit Available

Requires Additional Shipping---Please Call for Quote

Price: $268.00

UDZ8101   Arm Rest Kit

UDZ8101 Arm Rest Kit

Fits: UDZ8100

Price: $105.00

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