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Cores, Additional Fees and Freight

Core, Fees and Freight

Freight charges: Our program is not designed to calculate freight charges and when processing your order, the shipping/freight amount is not correct. We will correct the freight amount before charging your credit card and before shipping.

Core Deposits are charged to the customer upon shipping the item. These deposits are then refunded to the customer after we have received a good rebuildable core. We will have to inspect the core before we can refund the deposit.

Additional Handling Fees. This charge is a charge that UPS charges for some oversize items (rims are a good example) and this is a fee that we will add to the order. Most of the items - but not all - that are affected by this charge have been marked as such. We reserve the right to adjust shipping charges to accommodate extra weight and size. We will NOT charge extra shipping without the customers consent. If you have any questions about shipping charges please call and speak with us.

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