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UDBU0150 Single Remote Valve Assembly-Used---Replaces K919689

Replaces number K919689, 919689

Price: $300.00

UDBU0151 Quadrant and Lever Assembly-Used---Replaces K913263, K913268, K913637

Replaces number K913263, K913268, K913637

Price: $150.00

UDBU0152 Housing Assembly with Cover-Used---Replaces K909568, K910860

Replaces number K909568, K910860,

Price: $150.00

UDBU0153 Ramshaft Bracket Assembly with Cover-Used---Replaces K913756, K910859, K916362, K913088

Replaces number K913756, K910859, K916362, K913088

Price: $250.00

UDBU0155 Ramshaft and Levers-Used---Replaces K921919

Replaces number K921919

Price: $250.00

UDBU0156 Cover and Lift Lock Assembly-Used---Replaces K961923

Replaces number K961923

Price: $150.00

UDBU0157 Ram Cylinder Body and Cover Assembly-Used---Replaces K961922

Replaces number K961922

Price: $250.00

UDBU0158 Relief Valve-Used---Replaces K919417

Replaces number K919417

For Models with Serial Number 700001 thru 715382

Price: $200.00

UDBU0159 Combining Valve Assembly-Used---Replaces K919808

Replaces number K919808

For Tandeum Pump

Price: $350.00

UDBU0160 Distribution Valve Assembly-Used---Replaces K919241

Replaces number K919241

For Single Pump

Price: $250.00

UDBU0161 Bleed Valve Assembly-Used---Replaces K928525

Replaces number K928525

Price: $200.00

UDBU0162 Pipe Assembly-Used---Replaces K928773

Replaces number K928773

Price: $225.00

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