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Starter and Generator Band Cover -

UW40204   Starter Band Cover--Delco--3-3/4

UW40204 Starter Band Cover--Delco--3-3/4" O.D.

Replaces number 1887889, ABC1939

Fits: G with Delco Starter1109605, 1109614

Price: $19.00

UW40205   Starter Band Cover--Delco--4-1/2

UW40205 Starter Band Cover--Delco--4-1/2" O.D.--1-3/16" Wide

Replaces number 7412626, ABC1203

Fits: B, IB, C, CA, D10 early, D12 early, D-14 6 Volt, D15 Diesel, RC, WC, WD, WD45 gas, WF

Price: $19.00

UW40206   Starter Band Cover--Delco--5

UW40206 Starter Band Cover--Delco--5" O.D.--1-3/4" Wide

Replaces number 1880355, 1889664, ABC1435

Price: $19.00

UW40207   Generator Band Cover--Delco--4-1/2

UW40207 Generator Band Cover--Delco--4-1/2" O.D.--1-5/8" Wide

Replaces number 1872638, ABC1207

Fits: B, IB, C, CA, RC, WC, WD, WD45, WF

Price: $19.00

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