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UA50402 Out of Frame Engine Overhaul Kit---4.000" Bore---(7.25:1 CR)

UA50402   Out of Frame Engine Overhaul Kit---4.000


Includes: Sleeves, Pistons, Rings, Wrist Pins, Wrist Pin Clips, Main Bearings
Connecting Rod Bearings, Full Gasket Set with Crankshaft Seals

Fits: Tractors: D17, 170, 175
Fits: Wheel Loaders: TL10 After 1800; TL11 After 73; TL12 After 128
Fits: Combines: E, EIII
Fits: Cotton Strippers: 707, 707XTB
Fits: Graders: D After # 5424; M65-75Y After # 200
Fits: Power Units: G226

Price: $1,684.00

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