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UA50554 Choke Knob---Replaces 70228321

UA50554   Choke Knob---Replaces 70228321

Replaces number 70228321, ACS2699

1/4"-20 Thread---1.035" O.D.

Fits: D10 (as a choke knob; up to SN 3501), D12 (as a choke knob; up to SN 3001)
[ D14, D15 (as a hydraulic spool valve knob; 2 to 3 used) ], D14 (as a choke knob)
[ D14, D15 (as a hydraulic selector valve knob) ], D17 (as a hydraulic spool valve
knob, up to SN 75000, 2 to 3 used), D17 (as a hydraulic selector valve knob; up to
SN 75000), D17 (as a fuel shut off knob; diesel, up to SN 32001), D17 (as a choke
knob; up to SN 32001);

Price: $10.00

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