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UCIHNHHTC0002 New Holland Hard Top Cab--Part Number 40010

UCIHNHHTC0002   New Holland Hard Top Cab--Part Number 40010

Fits: TC25DA, TC25D, TC29D, TC29DA, TC33, TC33D, TC31DA, TC33DA, TC34DA, T2210, T2220, 1530, 1630, 1725, 1925, Boomer 2030 & Boomer 2035

· No holes to drill, the cab mount using existing holes.

· Installation time will take roughly three to four hours.

· Removal will take approximately 45 minutes.

· Fully enclosed cab with ABS Plastic Roof. Roof is now Black, not White as shown in picture.

· Clear shatter resistant Lexan plastic is used in the rear curtain and side doors for maximum visibility.

· This Cab includes a glass windshield and manual wiper. Forward inclination of the windshield minimizes glare and contact with falling snow and rain.

· Doors are hinged with latches so getting in and out of the cab is easy and quick.

· Doors can be removed during summer, allows canopy to double as a sun shade.

Price: $1,800.00

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