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Ignition Coils/Resistor -

UA53450     Coil-6 Volt- With Bracket

UA53450 Coil-6 Volt- With Bracket

Replaces number 1115379, 247333, ABC011, D502

Price: $22.00

UA53451     Coil-12 Volt-With Bracket

UA53451 Coil-12 Volt-With Bracket

Replaces number 4514967, 1115380, U505, D502, ABC509

All models with 12 volts, coil with bracket.

Price: $21.00

UM41230     Hot Coil---40,000 Volt

UM41230 Hot Coil---40,000 Volt

Replaces number EHDC, High performance heavy-duty coil for 12-volt systems
Delivers up to 40,000 volts. 3 ohms resistance, for Electronic Ignition

Price: $54.00

UA53452     HOT Coil---55,000 Volt

UA53452 HOT Coil---55,000 Volt

Must use with Resistor

Price: $54.00

UA53466     Resistor

UA53466 Resistor

2 Terminal Style

Price: $8.00

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