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MH Pony---Clutch---2016

UA60015     Release Bearing---Replaces 354330X1

UA60015 Release Bearing---Replaces 354330X1

Replaces number 354330X1, ACS076

Fits: MH Pony S.N. 24090 and up, MH Pacer S.N. 51613 and Up

1.500" Center Hole

Price: $27.00

UA60013     Release Bearing---Replaces 15072X

UA60013 Release Bearing---Replaces 15072X

Replaces number 15072X , MHS016

Fits: MH Pony up to S.N. 23149, MH Pacer up to S.N. 51612, 20, 22, 30, 81, 82, 101 Jr., 102 Jr.

1.750" Center Hole

Price: $39.00

UA60018     Pressure Plate---New

UA60018 Pressure Plate---New

Replaces number 1500363M11, ABC550

Fits: MH Pony and Pacer

6-1/2" Diameter

Must check finger height and clutch adjustment after installation

Price: $90.00

UA60019     Clutch Disc---New

UA60019 Clutch Disc---New

Replaces number 70800662, MHS076

Fits: MH Pony and Pacer

6-1/2" Diameter---15/16"-10 Spline Hub

Price: $35.00

UA60014     Clutch Alignment Tool

UA60014 Clutch Alignment Tool

Replaces number ABC1437

Fits: MH Pony and Pacer

15/16"-10 Spline-.625" Pilot

Price: $9.00

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